Posted by: domainrank | November 30, 2009

EDocFind Search Plug-in

Most of us want to search about documents in the internet without need to log-in to any website so I created search plug-in you can add it to your search providers in your browser and use it to search about documents in one click I added the plug-in to website

you can go to the website home page and add it to your browser you can find it in the top of the website

the plug-in working with two browsers

1-microsoft internet browser (IE)

2-mozilla firefox

I also added the plug-in in Mozilla website where if you not gurantee download the plug-in from then you can download itt from Mozilla through the following link

click here

Anyway I think this add-on will help many to search about documents and will be helpful for many

I hope you like it

If you like it please tell the others about it

Here is the link of the website again for who want to install the plug-in

And here is screenshots for the plug-in after you add it to Firefox and to IE 8


Posted by: domainrank | November 28, 2009

Find Any Document on The Internet by one click

Many of us always search about documents which help them in their work

Some of us search about technical documents like oracle database installation and configuration documents or red hat Linux installation and configuration documents some of us search about research papers like medicine research documents or social life researches

Anyway I found the solution to find any document you search about use the following website search engine

Where this search engine searching about any document in any site in the internet in one click

Where you can search about (study papers, install documents, research papers, and whitepapers) and more you can find any document you want through this website

You can use it to search about files types as following:

1-acrobat files (PDF, SWF)

2-all Microsoft files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

3-you can choose the document language and almost all world languages in the search

Its nice website to try and you will not lose anything by trying may be it help you to find your documents and if you like this website tell your friends about it may be it help someone

Here is the website link again

And here is the website screenshot